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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


i found something haunting about the halls we wandered down
I also found it disturbing I had nothing but lust for knowledge
& her smile as she looked down...
those delicate soft-words that are so intimate it leaves me snot-nosed
like I was still on hostel cots in Ohio
drinking mimosas and railing
molly cut with white girl.
fall came heavy this week
steady pension got me dippin and dodgeing
"like let ya keys speak"
but these kids got a washed up concept of slang these d's
I got a spanged up vessel on a pirate mission street sweep
witches on brooms sippin cauldrons like it was sleepy time tea
trippin on these kids who only see THINGS
because I see the inner working of SPACE
equal to spending your life chasing divedends
fillers only pour so much in
so many feels I cant hold all of them
fuck it
ill let the night win,as of now I live in reprehensible sin
deplorable conditions
and worst of all
i still find it hard to not live life like folk lore
or modern art
all concepts

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