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Sunday, September 2, 2012

all alone

"now...who the fuck smokes?"
watching spokes coast/juxtapose
to be come toasts of an "underworld"
I suppose
it takes witty grit/grimey rhyme schemes
slimy tactics that burns deep in your divine being
little hope has broken noses in quests of fame bouts
solid low lives who sold out for dope/soiled mouths
so much fear in their heart it stains clouds
quotes come to mind that could redirect clout
if its worth it,then redefine the reasons to worship
fore score & false gods who drive souped up porsches
give me porches
and pounds of grand daddy purps chopped into onions
Ive been in a zone...known to cause minds to bow
bend space time and ghost into an overture
I can see it for what it is...a fleeting flash in the pan
young-ins catching every road stop from here to Thailand
focused on twilight,when the solar flares scorch the sand
I might
be quite desired in my slides of hand...a dapper man...with cannons snotnosed
fashion blasted with copious stashes tho
that single individuals out for stove runs
pirate missions
keeps a trigger focused on dividends
lest I go on...
a slow that encompasses a full band...every instrument in step with its brethren
every breath directed for one instance
a single mission to kiss the hands of the GOD in all of us

wisdom...instrumental in all outcomes...

big business in this land controlled by big business for the betterment of the man...but fuck men


& especially children

they'll have hell to deal with...thanks to industrialism


and the general consensus

"who gives a shit?"

lets argue and piss over trivial ends to our means...feeding children with modified beef...filling their cereal with glass and explosives


that's all they need to know...the next generation of soliders on a come up

not individuals who chose to take lives,
they just want someone to pay for college.

above & over the great wall of knowledge

is understanding

being positive


& confident.

side B:

San aphrodisiac...shes smiles...yet her intentions are Rorschach.
Fat stash of hash had me stacked to the moon,
cool buffoons aloof..rollin blunts the size of racoons
at the "cocoon" we matched the aroma of mot-ah with our B.O
and our B.T.O kept the wax a bub...we needed to chromotose
splice,dice and add chromosones
possibly even put us in a coma...thats how it goes...
our insides were blossoming,
this was no tomb.
we had become living proff that you can do whatever you want to do
as long as you just do it.
it gets corse...but eventually will flow like fluid
lucidly dreaming,seeming as if this madvillan would win
then spin doom
I deliver reason,feeling each moment bloom
shoot down the run way
the keep it raw like wrestling on monday
fuck spanging,
id rather,hussle,muscle or split divedends for gunplay
wrong WAY
right WAY



I WILL BECOME ONE OF THE GREATS...I wont candy stripe words to make the mental images more bareable

Ill straight up demean,torture and rape...the space inbetween each verb

to zeniths you couldent imagine...lurid & perturbed

I'am elated by each word






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