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Thursday, August 4, 2011


I wish to not be destroyed yet
im employed and I have a steady pay check
time spent slaving for the man is better spent then time scraping my knucles
I need gucci,nike and 72 inch screens for football

I wish to never be emploed
for it will destroy me
I bum across state lines,telling lies to win this lottery
time spent living out of tents on heads full of fluff in cross country debauchery


I wish to never say a word
to get entranced in my own little universe
the charecters I create in here,are more than I could ever be out there in the
real world
the mouse clicks,bliss is TIME artificially spent

I NEED good grades
If not so I may lay waste to this face
double barrel buck shot to get back at proffessor...oh whatever his name is
if I fail in here,I fail out there,the real world...which comes on at ten right after the season finalie of...


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