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Friday, August 19, 2011

the overcast morning

to a man ive never met
I wish the best to you in heaven
as someday I hope to live like you
old and wise,unfiltering those thoughts to the public
more so,I hope I can be as instrumental in one persons as you were to manys.
rest peacefully
to a mentor ive never seen
your dedication is inspirational,your journey to this point is a WICKED good story
how I sat paitently for my next "life with gramps" animated shorts
how your love reminded me so of my dear grandfather.
all those times I wished I had been older,a better helper to the hardest worker ive ever known,
but he died peacefully in his sleep as well,
hell there hasent been a day gone by where I didnt miss his wisdom or war tales
but so it was restored,in the tones of my words,the valor of my soul
I have become a new age version of my shepard
he has taken my hand threw the world.
so ive never stopped talking with him

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