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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Loose fitting funeral tuX

there is no room for my error
yet in an era of shattered roles, I've assumed a regalia
the smell of vagina is in the air,and I have no more spare failures
careless,truthfull and a machine gun mouth loaded with parables
fair is fair in a world full of failure
Ive scaled most intertates in search of thearapy
charity is the aforementioned in vails
most stories written in fractiles and paradoys
insideous trips with life altering theology

but they mean well.
the kids out there in hell.

jails a sonofabitch,I can only imagine the department of correction. it.skip town.roast it...your brain that is
collect kids like pokemon cards in your traviling caravan of bad decisions
revalations never happen at the begining
the universe spares for extreme moments of unclarity.
spare me the questions of longevity,my moral structure is true
blue prints of a revolution haunt me like a sore tooth


her energy rests in my chest,and I feel thats the greatest taboo. You can have it all,but will it have you..

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