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Friday, August 19, 2011


theres one too many mornings of gloom and aptitude
adjusting attitudes to make up for the past and the latitude
spewing facts like rat traps lining a mad scientests labryinth
scattered musings,veiwings wakes and funerals
the only conclusions we conclude are quaaludes and preludes
so we seclude ourselves in foxholes filled with sailor jerrys and haybales of will know us by the trail of dead and our non shalant substance abuse
spread the word,this outlandish nerd is going to dance on verbs for the enjoyment
of the peturbed,perverted and award the best dressed for the whores category
giving sperm as a grand prize...and after the thighs are covered
back to the lab for some gin and toaster strudles
was she speaking in code words...or was I just drunk?
long nights lead to short mornings,
loud snoring and some vomit on the counter
couter punchs,sacked lunches and powder all over my trousers
somebodys couch was gonna get soaked in gasoline and ive got a switch
so long stares lead to measues took,
followed up by central booking and the whos
screws loose,so bad,I had to reecoop
the only problem was I wasnt sure how to
so off in a cab with an odd future intact

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