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Tuesday, August 9, 2011


this past years a blur,words are so fleeting its birthed new meanings to the intrigue of the underworld.submerged in the mergeing of cultures,and egotisitcal pathways,I find myself at rest,away from the highways and interstates.I got kids working on the chain gang,and Ill be god damned if i end up that way. Strange,I barely keep a paper trail to keep sane,my eyes have eyes and there watching out like dogs,I feel like william I lay dying,I keep trying to get up....I write because I always want to talk. Small knots are my weapon of choice,I keep neuces in stash boxes in spots if in ever need of a desperate way off,but its not the way I came up,raised by a bunch of narcs from the great state of tejas. It not that I dont love em,I love all,I just dont trust em,so I keep my distance and never answer their calls. Right ways,wrong ways,long nights,fast days...heads full of class & fluff and the only way I got what i deserved on the come up was from keepin my cum to myself and my feet on the asphalt.Bummin,spangin,rearrangeing my days to make way for the nights bombs,and for her love,but she dosent call...and neither do I so ill meet her down lifes long road.even this throat is sore,sorted by the cannibus I donate my pay scales too,IM glad she thinks like i do...savage and beautiful.screw it all,ill break the locks and bust out the truth...there not much more to be said in a whirlwind of beauty

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