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Thursday, August 4, 2011


Summer comes,
summer goes
yet my heart still clings to colorado
not the people as much as the slopes,besides hatred is just another form of love
though my passion stems for all,not just one..
months spent relfecting on the absent minded days of before points to
drug abuse coupled with a sense of entitlement and pre conceived enlightenment
stemming from death and the aforementioned struggles of ones life.
I am not humble,
never have been
never could be,my brain leads me much like napoleans did
destined for death and glory,while dining on minds and stories
please forgive me,oh society,
I adore scraping your under belly
I know with a few tutors and less equity,
I could have my doctrine in 365 weeks and a mountain of debt
but that is for the bold,much like the slums is for the cold
the roll I've assumed has never been done to this extent before.
More and more I realize my destiny,I manifest well,
It suprises me
I dig along the borders of my humility,putting up a fortress for all to see
bleed with me,along these lines,outside or in a jail
poetry is but a tool for the mind
this spine bleeds and contours to the world,so why wont you take your bruises
and not say a word.
I was for warned about the future in a dream,the worst part is
its all up to you and me
across the seas and under the clouds,is where youll find the realm we devour
detours to make sure the sun and the moon form once every half an hour
eclipsing the myth that all time is predetermined
that all logic is based in chaos
...and still we wonder...
how does the world come to you...
for I see it with no colors...though even more so its as beautiful as

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