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Sunday, July 8, 2012

you,your;you're beautiful

I see your face in the constellations
yet I'm still not alleviated from these pains I've been facing
true...its my brain waves which constantly detonate
sending shock waves threw out my primary
synaptic relays
the synchronicity and anonymity signal strong feelings in me
like "will i be reprieved?"
can I make it back to sea?
and if I can,
will our heads be buried in the sand
thinking of newer...
cooler things to think
it brings me back to childhood
next door neighbors house beautiful,older girl teaching me how to do
what I still do so well
hell,I felt well enough to never stop
or shoot
or tell...and that postures a coo
one of many loops
tears &
halos hung upon devil thorns
and yet IM ALIVE
and worn.
I see your aura in the rain
Ive been dancing for it
paitently going insane
hanging on a soul to give
for this one is far from complete
but yours to love
my sweet
so now im torn,with truths to give
am I to bold to say
your the second half of my head.
I see you smile in my sleep

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