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Saturday, July 21, 2012

drunk dials

my heart lay in Austin
it feels all a blossom
like a sunflower peeking its head threw the sidewalk of a white house
in winter.
I comfort like Ive never known loss
tis' a paradox
loving till it hurts.
yet,im caught
by the snare of the mile high sun,
my lovely slums
& this heart that always beats as a war drum...
threw the tiny amp set up
in the cellar of my loved ones.
but night comes
dreams form
her eyes are intertwined with the purple night
she is the moon
I am the sun
I feel our time is Ouija board,spelling out countless words
with countless metaphors threw countless diminsions and time
but this may not be
so I grind
and Im gudided by universal rhythms
& here is where your name comes to fruition
yet not a single word omitted.
because you are the vision
I couldent envision
but would give everything to prove
that all these women
beautiful as they may be
cant hold a single candle to YOU

I just spent some years farising
clarifying my derelict
paralyzing the simp in me.
terror rises in my dull regret
moments turned once I earned respect
and yet I cant even stand it without thinking

of truths

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