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Thursday, July 5, 2012


I woke up thinking of truths
the main one being my love for you
long in the tooth,heavy blue skies
without you
its just a waste of time
when I see you tonight
it might be just the same
pitter patter of words
I have no buisness saying
but this brain has known them for years;
which is weird...
sometimes it just takes time to be more clear.
I fear...
that I have no fear at all.
I pray that this dosen't lead to a clear thought
we're to young as it is
and these circumstances
they dont match wits
but your scent,accute senses
writings and head make me pray for forgiveness
more so
I just dont want any suicides on my concience
or enemies to combat with
just a lover to bathe with
a soul to grasp.

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