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Monday, July 9, 2012


"you'd be a better writer if you took more amphetamines"
come out dancing with me.."
wormhole boogie
your my little gypsy lady...ill be your lover baby
we can write on blocks of wood set them adrift,
then run into the woods.
let the sun barely peak its head over the cold grey mist
the hard brown lumber crackles and moans
your breathe fills my senses
time alone with you is home...and its perfect...
along with the prayers we see swirl in sensless motion
I hear the crashing of the waves on an exposed earth
I'll be worth a chest full of gold...if youll be the soul I so long for
let me express this head full of words
Im so gone...formal aplogies wont encompass my star wars
but your so beautiful...your smile is abundunt
I could jump into the sky and never think a thought
nor rummage this old heart for humbleness
because your a trumpet
blowing my walls to crumbles
so as I fumble with words
and tumble threw sentences
Id just like to let you know
make me

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