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Sunday, July 8, 2012

( )

each time you walk into my eyes
i feel aligned
geometric patterns/
rudimentary designs.
your smile makes my soul feel divine
at times/
so debonaire...
it feels like a moment of scarce
as fair as faith
each time we meet/
it seems/
a strange feeling of heat rises from my feet
and to my disbelief
of if i dare to think...
upon my head a reef is bequeathed
swirling images which propel me to new planes of thinking
electing to keep
my balance
and not let a single moment be seized
nor a single thought be malice
and to my head
all that I would say as shall never be shaped
or weighted differently
so calice.
sharpened toothes
clues speak of other pair
heads of fire
and still I dream of you.

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