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Saturday, July 28, 2012


i opened my world to the soul that is hers
moved about the cabin as if I had words
phoned to those I love
and drove all night,hugging the cliffs above.
on the road...
I met a witness who directed me to fenceless pastures
the gentle winds that captured my laughter
I whispered
as if every word was a blister
& this was my home.
I found hope in your eyes
the light you shine when you smile
the way you smell when its warm
this wonderful denial I have
due to suicide attempts
& mild hallucinations for months on end.
in various terms...
various lives...
the wormholes open and spill,in the dust clouds and word of mouths
the foul sight describes a wild love inside of her our hot air balloon
& turns
I think of more words to yell to her in the middle of this lightning storm
but her eyes
oh her eyes
they cut deep into my life
keeping me on my broken toes
if only to see the sun
that rises in her soul.

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