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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


cute wounds,
new shoes
flew in early...
splitting loot
proving roofies lead to toothless
proof that rules roam into coos
then comas
no news is good news in a world with CEO spooks with high dollar aroma
blues been sneaking threw dark purple alleys in coups like their in the daytona
ive been in every pool,throwin bones like I majored in it in school
or I'am a padiwan of yoda.
fruitful come ups my labor got my wages tied up in wagers
and I aint shy to belt bust to settle
yelling like day traders
play trumps and keep my knowledge plump
steadily obtaining paper
Im wildly aware when the trumpets bump
major reason why im heavily favored
summers halfway done...and I have barely seen the sun...or danger
only the slums...there...I seen the TRUTH...its as sharp as a saber
been a slave to your thoughts,like its a spell im under:
thunder and lightning on these hot july rain
signal to fireworks and rhythm sanctuarys
im weary
oh so tired
wired from all the coffee & rum
I wish to retire
have my attire be tailored
be favored by mayors
prostitutes &
disfavored by most,
peel layers back until I reach each skeleton whole
fill the empty bones with hell & sin

if your a destroyer
if your an angel

drag the cigarette,around the lake we stroll.
thoughts are out of control
this data base is rebooting,
would you like a detailed evacuation of my soul?
young & old
gather round...before your eyes you'll reach a goal..
the power at the circus is almost out!
but before it is,
let me leave you
without doubt..
a mouth full of scripture
house full of victims
a milk shake full of random perscriptions
& my last written testament:
it begins...
to my paradox,I have seen the slaughtering feilds,the deranged and dark souls which patrol in the name of their guilds...and it is the soliders I fought ,I'll see thine conquests as a privelege that I caught bliss intimintaly before reality ultimatily bit...privliged,I see the doubt of casulties mimic,the exact courses the souls pivits...some of us loose faith in the wisdom...that dreaming is the key to succeeding

bleeding...being the second part.

but it is an art..this life I mean

it starts and ends with each and every thought we think

concience:the new chiq

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