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Sunday, July 8, 2012


dormant riddles fiddle with the way I praise
been in an' outta comas for the past few days
new lays,
hard times
cannibus & a bottle of wine
smoke billows from the tippy top of my spine
and thoughts poor out of this outstretched mind
& Im caught...between two schools of thought
blotter or coddle
the circumvent of logic
an abscence of matter.
out manned in a foxhole...wormed out on early bird tales
battle rich talks,
boxed up emotions sold as lotion
for a burned out soul
in a chemical trail trying to detox.
I have failed you,my darling
I keep forgetting to mention how alarming it is
that a man can love a woman /so much so/that he cant say
dip quick,to the inn back out by the ocean
in memories it came like motion
chest heaving IN & OUT
beliving in what had bore...and the open sores tore and spored
more and more
I find myself in a dangerous meditation
alarmed by the fact that Im still pacing
and Ive met you
whoever you are
its why I thank my lucky stars
the world still shines light half of its hours

may I never cower so...

empowered tho..

I felt the BEE in my brain STING

how delightful I've grown.

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