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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

lets keep writing

*defeated by victory
these cold eyes are no longer symmetry
grumbling falsettos from this stoic,"troubled teen"
(well adjusted adult/good credit scores)
drudge rep-or.
the four corners of the universe begged for more
it orgasimed out hatred,
& folklore.
and that lust ran like comfort over me
inside of her ovaries is a future I dream
threw meditation and various times of peace
on astral planes/in dimensions quite like these.
i see her blowing in the breeze
ever so delicately
my flower of the alley way...
the singular reason I breathe.
so childish
these ways we perceive
yet so enlightened
the things that we speak
tip toeing around each delicate syllable
still I beg
"ever more"
...and yes there are more words...
oh how I could write to you for centuries
but alas
amongst these bee stings
I speek geometrically
mouth full of blood
soul full of heat.

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