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Sunday, July 15, 2012

old fucker

locked out of the inter dimensional zone due to lack of passwords
I found an intimate clone,with a nack for hard work
I saw God inside of him,he was playing poker and drinking mimosas with his son,a phantom
and their old buddy,belzibub.
handsome fellow.
while here,I felt disheveled..out of things to say until the night became level
and there I tumbled...until I felt our trinity stable
it bubbled,a feeling comprable to prenadel...
as my penal gland searches for a make shift k-hole
moonlight over came the sun
then the stars peppered over the mesa
into a cradle of stories,high morals and soft words
I melt,
for we all are doomed
but theirs beauty in each step of the storm.
as I sit on this roof I cant help but feel the warmth of the textures
the fixtures of bar flies attached to their liquors
the fixtures of yoga pants that get slimmer and slimmer
and dimmer my role seems to be , honestly
it means nothing in the grand scheme of things
as of late each pain has been strange
and none as hard as the moment she drove away
so here I await
somthing to further complicate the continus storyline that is my brain

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