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Monday, July 2, 2012


all along the western wall/mornings come in an is as dreary as a dungeon,I feel the salt in my bones bubble up & over like a cauldron/i feel her in my pelvic bone...I smell the unwashed underarm that turns this heart into an atom bomb/calm,cool and collected I waited till all my scabs became infected,interjected a heart felt speech and left the room to sober down/collected/teeming and gleaming,knowing I would be loved again soon/so heavy my heart knocked on the old cellar door/so ugly my teeth chattered as broken words tumbled to the ground,I had no ill reepoor,no devinaire qualities/my ministry laid in the follys/my calling in the blood of the oddyssey...I unmistakingly so...finally with a pocket full of money,but no such luck with words for poems...unknown,i sailed towards the sun,seasick and halfway drunk...cashing in on the rest of this trust/"fuck it" I thought...just as the blots in my eyes came realigning my ripe,young,intellectual mind//I found breathe in your lungs,a taste of the holy ghost,so I spoke in tounges//convulsing out the memories that had just begun...wondermeant seers me like the most beautiful gift...lifted/above the lake now/I see the pillars of smoke tumble out of your head/foul idealogies/loud bouts of managomy...and I am emotionally drowned//sleep with no sexual sense...let us breathe as one clasping hands/haves/have nots-do's and yet we do them so well/i smell the mornings smog on your unwashed hair/and theirs GOD in your soul...

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