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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

stay face/keep sane

I want to become a better writer
more so
a bigger man...
a raging fire burns inside of me
I prey it never harnesses the wind
theories of ignition from a slight of hand
lighter clicks fissure with a sizable syllabus
here we are reprimanded
retroactive content
radioactive soul alighnments
its like we never wanted this
and the whole universe has been up ended
and our mother is gagging
she has an oil rig asphyxiation
millions of bullets she spits
the bones of her children in which she digests
and there is no rest
no single regrets
only tears
and more tests.
stay face/keep sane
whatever that means in this day and age
I only prey to live throughtout the day
so I can come home
and claim some space between your legs.

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