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Saturday, May 2, 2015

we are shaking and moving

as DH says

"If I could freeze time..."

not my super power of choice

but I resonate with the line.

I think I saw magic tonight

beauty in motion / words like mining

I wanna rest on the shores of this mindset-

the subtle ascent while climbing.

you can keep your comfort

I wont stand silenty.

this corporate police state perpetuates nothing but violence

slavery institutionalized

sedatives to keep whole families minds dimmed

like mine

like minds...I compensate by smoking hash all the time.

but maybe thats where we need to draw the line

not with the consumption,but rather the reason it comes from

the stigma thats bred...why this toxic society has so much dread

I feel it hanging like a miasma over the mid-west

& the eastern seaboard is bleeding

Baltimore is rising

our inner cities are writhing in pain

severed vertabreas

& all we're ever fed is take take take

like the fed printing dollars with no Gold to save face

this is the same place as yesterday...simply a different taste

our educational system is just wasting away

whole states have agreed to erase the errors of our most recent ways

not to mention entire cultures,facts & faces

traitors to a greater way of thinking.

just overlook all of Africas history...Western Civilizations development thanks to the Egyptians & Moors

so this becomes a broader image,more so pertaining to the world

bastard children of coined phrases...christ like images of ceaser borgere

this is so engrained in our day to day that it dosn't seem important

but when imagery becomes history,minds get destorted.

its like our collective hearts deforested

riot whenever your hokcey team loses & in god we mourn

riot whenever another man/woman/transgender/non-binary is murdered

& treat the hurt like somthing unimportant...tis just wood to a furnace

tck tck tck-morality is simply earnest to the largest earner

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