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Friday, May 8, 2015


feel like Im always about to throw up

roll up

spill the notions so grown up

I dont want to go nuts

not like this

thus I feel like thanos

power gauntlets so toked up

aspirations like doom-most rush

seperate dimension seeking

marveling anti matter / broke up

woke up to a real life Carol Danvers

somewhere in Denver...wondering why all these perscription drugs came from & why

I couldnt remember the past few months...or where this book came from...again...

wiki93 on repeat.

wikileaks like modern day NSA ALex Jones is sort of realevent-


truth / monumentus antimatter

sobriety so unclear it barely matters.

I think Ive hurt everyone whos ever loved me.

If I could only be so lucky.

so I just keep moving

a perfect portrait of fuckery.

I think Ive lost it again

macking on half these casaulties

burning every step on a social latter

for momentary fires that help me eat/sleep

creep through the back streets with a few books tattered

masters of lonely unit patterns


again same old story like I barely even breif-vibranium the only thing that matters to me.

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