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Saturday, May 23, 2015

see you in a few eras

I will provide

I will need.

I'am paitence

I'am greed.

trying to be more in tune with the natural course of things

I guess its more so in the movement and the songs we sing

symphonic empathy is really the only seeds

not to discredit God...the universe...

just the grand infinite wisdom we all consistency convey or miss use.

I will lead

I will follow.

I'am the student

I'am the teacher.

fearing,that in some cosmic way the secrets of my truth

will lead me to realizing how much I'am in love with missuse.

streetlike fancies streak my long blonde hair

adorned in furs // traveling in pairs

she said we could be in Paris by the end of the year

I said I'd probably be more intrested in just getting in her underwear.

"I'am not like those other guys"

I'm worse.

diffrent poems

made of tears.

but from up here...a teir over a temporary city

I realize how angelic we all are wish to be

these lights look like nature-an extension at least

maybe its just me...

but for the first time

I really...ACTUALLY


want to believe...I wish you could come with me.

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