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Sunday, May 10, 2015

could I push truth

no know fear-

waste not

a simple chance at being overlooked...

the view of life from these tiers.

clear debauchery

almost as violent as time gets

the give and the take

lost in the gears

bets not placed...odd the way people sway

violent the way this brain shakes

like these vibrations are the only pace

I think I loved you in another time

a more beautiful place

this city is a wasteland-the thick air is for taste

waste not / want not

if only this was the case.

laced blunts under a lonely overpass

the only thing I wanted was space

so she sent me on my way-not a thing in my name.

funny how the world works

strange how the drugs take

now I just lie on the floor

laying with the only thing that ever made sense

& yet,again,she has no name...a reoccuring theme-pain going both ways

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