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Thursday, May 21, 2015

less supreme

bucket head loose

chugging coffee

its been raining fuel.

all these drugs have me weak

barely eating

the whole car stinks

and to be blunt,its all because of me.

I was less suprised when she told me she had a new boyfriend

then when we woke up drenched in each others body heat

only to have her take me to the airport

not really discussing how we think.

sometimes all I can do is feel

like peeling back my eyelids-

I turned 26 last sunday

& I was still high at my family dinner...decades of excellence

I dont know if I'll ever change

fuck-I dont really care if I do

and all the while all I really want

is someone who will "love you for you"

or me

god damnit

I barely speak

it gets tapered inbetween the lines & levees...lost in the trees

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