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Thursday, May 21, 2015


dope throat, broke skull

gloomy mornings where

I lost hope.

I'am blind because

I have the universe for eyes

every verse ends up being a lie

for a lie.

try as I might

I have not the mite

to smite these demons

which flock to me by night.

until I die

this shadow of a doubt will haunt me

taunt me

express to me its life through groans...mindless drones

streets full of the broke

only exposes & photo op's will be

shoved under the collected turned up nose.


love for oneself is only mirros of smoke

a splash of GHB

& again I'am awake and alone.

its hard to love yourself

when you cant forget a moment.

sometimes losing your mind is the deepest

form of self love.

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