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Monday, May 25, 2015


just keep lying to yourself...

the person laying next to you is the one who will help...

make everything better

their all you've ever needed...all you've ever felt your under a spell

the only real need here is self help

you just constantly looking for love by giving others hell

try to control when you cant even console yourself

& I just sit to the side...every man for himself

you can only play the cards youve been dealt

but you keep switching decks

using jokers as kings

showing glimpses of your hands

..."love" can be so self destructive...

instructive for us watching

its like we're two hearts touching

but your just fucking up everybodys style

trying to make them get in tune with your


I swallowed my designs

rose up & found my direction maniacally

magnetically// magically

without trying...I just hope you find peace in time...Im so glad Im taking mine

all I can tell you for sure is we're all liars...just try not lie to those you tell them you love

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