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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

to toledo

...I guess Ive just been learning how to love better...

especially as I get calls from you.

I honestly thought we'd never speak again

& hearing your voice makes me feel truth.

As Baltimore burns

I feel the change in the air

for better / for worse

as long as your involved...I'd go to the looney bin with you...probably will without you too

You make me feel like the ruthless kid I was

combined with the adult whos heart is so open it could never be full

I'm such a fool

but that hasnt ever stopped me from wanting to swim with the squids.

somthing to be said for a kid addicted to doing small bids

keeping high from all the movement

homies with scars who refer to me as

"bookworm"...just dont judge a book by its cover.

come and hover with me

underneath these covers...where we can share our fears

our anxieties

where I can finally tell you without all the bullshit poetry: just how much I've always been in love with you.

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