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Sunday, May 10, 2015


you funny

trying to make money

all this art aint an answer honey

just adds faith to the calamity.

I think they jammin me

I mean I really think they feelin me

peelin back poster child nose bleeds

no seats...just fragments worth remembering.

I feel like neon

endzone dances like deion

grimetime baby

like prime realestate...babbling about trabtree

all these algorithms got my brain on fleek

like why flake when you can barely speak

I communicate through smiles

rough hugs,handshakes and lazy eye gleems.

Ive been high for like 469 weeks

might as well start planning my wake

just another roasted frontal lobe skipping state to state

I guess I'll just keep doing it my own way.

all this responsibility feeling like reed-

richard simmons

genghis khan maybe

fuck...maybe I just need sleep...fantastic...this torch the only thing I need.

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