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Sunday, May 10, 2015



dyslexic when it comes to numbers

numb due to the mood stablizers

sometimes its like the only math I can do

is count money.

21st cenuty

conquest of numbness

I wake up like wha-

how the fuck I get here.

I dont sip beer.

fuck around and catch kidney failure

been a few years since I had to post bail

go to a bond hearing.

out in the clearing...sippin on some texas tea

rollin up some shattered dreams

i barely even smoke weed.

I dont think I fear fiending

been sick for weeks // laying around scheming

one of these days Ill be important

only real mentors I ever had sorted

I guess we're all fucked in the head...bordem

thats why I try to stay portioned

half these dreams already been snorted

blood drip

my throat coated // coughing up the sentences

feeling like a wizard from a seperate dimension.

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