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Thursday, May 21, 2015

I feel a vast consciousness

through these internet connections

a bunch of like minded individuals

who've never been in each others presence.

I think this is humanity in essence

humility in empathetic lessons

I believe we all are progressing

regardless of the ignorance & its benevolence

it's such a blessing to be reminded of truth

this effervescence that whips like a muse

a confirmation that little to nothing is truth

because perception is the only thing that separate the proverbial (you)

from I.

but we are one in the same,regardless of our like mind

lack there of-

lessons which bloom in due time.

I'd like to hope that there is more to these rhymes

that stringing together word can from bonds un-binded

blinding the inner workings of greed

to come within eye to eye...ear to ear...mine to mind.

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