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Monday, April 25, 2011

poem 10000 about australia

lay down with me in the heat
shoulder to shoulder staring at a normal mans celing
share this spoonful of water with me
itll turn into wine by nightfall in our bellys
tell me what you see in the clouds darling
tell me how the sand feels as it forms to the curvutures of your body
every semetrical inch of perfection in accordance to blue prints I could only dream of conceptualizing.
lets come up with new philosiphy to explain our spiritual awakenings
breathe each breath as a symphony
let each gold peice of jewerly sparkle off you harmonieusly
twisting your body to summer wind
I sitting indian style scribble words that could never accuratley describe the fire
burning the top of this head
you are the physical emodiment of everything I emotionally am not
in a sense we our crossing our own boundries
im a scoundrel threw and threw,savy buisness man who runs markets pulled by bulls
you...well you know you
the world does too
its that feeling you get in a july morning as the sun rises up over the pool
the water gets warmer,at your shoulders,but deep down your still wrapped up in the colds lovely embrace
you do nothing but smile and shake...because you just started off your fucking DAY in the if that isnt party time...
pff i dunno what is

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