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Friday, April 1, 2011


pile drive skull fuck
wild eyed night full of shit and no strings attached powdered substances
it gave us the shivers up next to the river in between 6th and forever streets
I remember when we use to bring girls here,
share booms and key bumps here
get wild in these steam filled ally ways drinking brass monkeys and trailor park hand gernades.
stare at the stars threw the equal holes in the stairs
where panties were open registers
it was as grimey as greed & gold
until the sun made us reflect upon a source.
get it alone in these sweltering cities where the heat follows me up and down side streets,
at least until weve swallowed our pride and baggies and looked terror in the eyes as laughter poured out laced by our lines which were riddled with satisfaction
smack and hash
youth is an arrogance factory,
life is an endless waltz with broken bones in sores and toes.
bongs and four bars to tote as we toked along the sheet graveled boulevard which is why we makes masks of these battle scars and why all my tapes are bootleg or from pawn shops off colfax boulevard
no straight shots,only straight fire tipped arrows,available for peircing skulls and mirror images of a souls reflection,
if you do right no one shall harm unless of course you protect the ones who are in a god ego
stop snitiching didnt start in the suburbs...but its found a way home.
a new army of mindless drones drenched in calogne with more expensive wardrobes then the trap houses and squats ive wallowed in
the only warmth and light a cell phone and the knowledge that I have a place to sleep for the moment while their mother is scared shitless their house is gonna get made.
Un corte en la garganta de los jovenes
una falla del gobierno en las sombras
vamos a estar en nuestras tumbas con grilletes en sonrisas!!!!!!!!!!!

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