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Friday, April 1, 2011


Im such a creep
id turn my brain off,but all itd do would dream
I see your eyes like roses floating on top of a pond when the lights go off
and im wrestled to sleep by the sounds of humming cars
the bars id sing for you would not do justice to the volcanic emotions im beaming with
I tried telling myself to cool it
but all that happens is an explosion of artistic movements
muse,why are you picture perfect
I couldent have designed you better in a lab
I wouldent want to anyway.
given in the chance id bask in your light for days
displeasure is absent from this face
this poem is so juvenile and written in haste
but its hard to not write your name on everything
so I discretly hide it away inbetween lines
and stanzas so when tonight comes
we can say nothing to anyone

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