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Friday, April 1, 2011


it hurts every second the thought cums
I clean myself curled up in a ball of a stand up shower
steam makes my sinuses wild...liquid metal running over the raw open tip which forms into blood at the top of my lip and makes these hours even harder to swallow
Im tired in being chained to the thought of her skin
its not what I wanted,which makes this thought process pumped full of vinegar and piss
this must be this where the rainbow ends?
I stand in the mirror and contemplate a richie tennanbaum montage
I look down in the sink and all thats playing is elliot smiths "see you in heaven"
Inside I dance.
the sunlight and this roof top makes me feel almost weightless,like all my problems will be over today.
Like I could make it look like I didnt I just fell off the side
cigarette,you chain me to this thought
I look at the street four stories up

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