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Sunday, April 24, 2011


even on such a rainy rocky mountain day.
cigarette smoke plays along the sharpie covered wall that should have given us all a
colnel mustard in the bathroom...he broke up lines and kept his hash in spoons
straight across the interstates
he looked like a strung out junky monkey bafoon
his cheeks as red as the ass of a baboon
manifesting somthing far more damaging then doom
spending these thin aired day in a jungle of zoos
booze dosent even phase me any more,I pour my drink to my dead homies from the 3rd coast sea board
Ive been killed
but still I live on oxygen and Ls of hard
star crossed lovers in a gasoline douched barn
we set the fire to hear the hollers
for love is valor staring the face of time to a mirror of grave robbing
Of God
of a consumer based econmy built on moral commandments that prolong the enevital
drop of world power
all stars
of electrical sockets that send neutrons into ping pong showers in metor houts
cigarette butts and bong rips to cheers the less than living souls
the train hopppers who beat lovers beaus with socks full of pad locks
smileys for mouths now full of gold
mold on the interior of the treasure chest kept
collected,abstenet from secxual commitment
I query to the wearabouts of her kinfolk
sounds of ammuniton sliding and slithering into the barrels of what supplies her kitchen give me a hint so
I tramp right up and ask her papi for her hand
Ill be god damned if I didnt get beat half to death by her ten brothers
full grown men
wedding bells play in my head
I just assumed Id died as I feel asleep everynight with her in my third eye again
but this time..

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