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Friday, April 1, 2011

sting song

theres a comfort in pen names

that you made them...they didnt make you


its easy to get lost

...Son of a bitch!..

is it ever..

the suburbs are cut throat in the otts...people'll slice your fucking neck off

subconcience reality takes hold...

everyones family and an alpha dominator


everyones an infant too..a technological renissance for the old and new

proof that humans can continue

even if we are helped by extra terrestrials

or by the secret of the ooze.

I keep being told im leonardo

but im donatello

or michaelangelo

I never butt heads with raphel.

I accept him for how he handles his own agenda

how his perception veiws me is circle takes the square

giving up is a realitive term

here in y2ks cross hair

nothing happened because they waited a year.

remember september eleventh, as england remembers november 5th

feared and full of outrage in a controled temperment

as thomas jefferson once said:

"Hemp is of first necessity to the wealth & protection of the country."


"The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."

and excuse me for refreshing the masses that history is our greatest assest


Damnit,I'll take your lords name in vain

because he comes with a price tag and a brand name

I am the son of a con man who preached a good fight

to the pope

& the methodist congregations of north texas

but they stole his FUCKING soul

and I'll cuss and watch porn while drinking the grapes I procured in crushed in wine form

how can you not respect Jupiter,Saturn...The Moon

how could you say theres nothing to do with the sun sits above you

how could you say theres no one to love you while people are crushed by your movements



we dance this life as a prize fighter in a battle weve already won

my only regret is I didnt live in the light longer

I was stronger when the world was head was in perscription form

Now I gave my soul to the winds of paintbrushs and keyboard strokes

hugs from people who will legitemently miss you more and more as the story goes on

and your on a farm in southern organ with leah bodenhammer

singing songs

or emailing eduardo jones the first copy of the book youve only read to your father

mother & brother

and him telling you: 'Word."

To funding the beat as this heart grows and our goals become obtaineable in what may have been snow

but summer comes on strong

and it may never end...thanks to global warming...or some shit

disregard assasenation eye for an eye kids...remember it

never let anyone tell you no

because now is knowing

and never eat pizza off a carpet...regardless of toppings...or monitary goals

These arent commands,my word,this is LOGICAL

pen names transform too

earlier today I was DR.DOOM

plotting the assasination attempt on my charecter with forbiden wisdom

manifesting hurt in ones mine can be just as physically damaging

I sat over my notebook and held in a cry that is bubbling up inside of me and may choke me completly of speech

but im free

the universe works for people I hold dearest to me...the people you hold dearest to you

like rachel.

my cousin of 21 years,seperated only by 6 days in birth

I swear humans I cant make this stuff up.

our lives paralleled until her father,my uncle,has an anuerisum as we were in first grade catholic school and detention

I lived with my principal because my teacher dispised me

her brother an ex priest like my father...the displeasement is verbalized on my 1996 Our Lady of Victory. year book

I can prove that shit.

Sister berneice was as old as my tiny mind could conceive...she felt the situation...she was an energy reader...

we took walks threw the grave yard...exploring the well and the ruins of the old church and nunery

the scene,to paint a picture,was stone grey and neon forest green

early twentieth century bricks held the "hard part" of Ft.Worth..

edgecliff village: where racisim is home.

Paralleled in my minds eye is the time I treked all of charlotesville with vera-anne chelsea,a beautiful island girl with one of the most intresting minds and man by her side that ive met to this day (keep it weird charlie)..anyway...

we hiked to common areas drinking whiskey and drawing WU tang symbols with sidewalk chalk on their wall for doing that very thing

old jake was with us,a nine year old pooch who is big as beethovan was in that one movie...anyway...

across the rusty train tracks,with trick boards for you to fall and slip in to the swift river that has debrie a drift

a few hundred yards and we hop the track

over onto the ruins of a wall in the form of a concrete slab

we wander down to the factory (which john later explained was a union uniform sewing company)

we had discussed earlier we needed to climb things

the ruins of the smoke stack held modern cave drawings littered by cans of aerosal

black,green,grey.RAINBOW took the pain away.

It made sense why we didnt say anything,it was the same scene as sister berniece

that same era cold ness.and sensory memory of bodies who had laid down their lives in refrence too

our smiles kept us safe as we read memorials to the men who had died on those rail ways

we sat by the water till we built courage to scale walls

falls were present in mind but not on the list of things to do

the sun splattered our clothes and our muddy shoes

we both wore sun glasses and our favorite clothes that afternoon.

we too worked our thoughts threw the grave yard: mine of abandonment...hers of being to nice...with nothing to prove

reenactments of night of the living dead did ensue

"there coming for you margret"

we made grilled cheese and french fries...watched anime

it felt nice to be in love and not have to touch to prove it...william seward bonnie needs a family more than I do...





according to those who rarely hear from him these days

they wonder why he isnt at his moms house playing video games going to steak and shake...


I still have to do as splinter says...operate as shreddar would.

Manipulation of time and space is easier than the manual said

its 2011

"Zed's Dead,baby."

We can get the blue berry pancakes another day...


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