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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gettin tired of the LOVE?

Stand to the mountains and let that face wash clean
brace your cities for new staute erections elected officals,be clean
the trends point to rio de janero
"those god damn bugs whacked him good,
Im starved for attention
druthers in the weather washed bones
adonius could cry and id still have a quaint afternoon
my face was stolen quite
wont you ride with me on this endless river of love?
technicolor dreamboat that takes the most interesting turns
alone and weary my candle light forms
oh now,i cry,
now i see the sights on the night I die
is this how it is in everyones life?
the next morning is ripe with humbled feelings
I hope to teach you somthing
I want to hear you say anything
my suit of armor was knicked on the battle field
my eyes have been shoveled out by decay
take my hand and show me the way,fellow brother
take the pain away in one last grasp,oh the nights are over and we never spoke a word
but you stood with me in gettysburg
and now I fiend for us to run
sit alone
give up
conquer the risk of never grasping as much as they could
but us
in a helping hand into the
and outer realm of the stars
you and I combine for a minute to play god
the night is warm.

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