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Thursday, May 12, 2011

FREE BOOSIE:the poem

I am oragami in a meteor shower
twisting to the abscense of sounds
this abcess is drowned out by fuzzy feelings
lost conversations in the smoke clouds
not of what weve accomplished
these things Ive been
the only reality is the ink of the pen
my scribbled alias isnt worth ten grins
beautiful women
barely opened eyes,bruised and cut
smoking cigarettes while spirtuallity is discussed
this is a moment that matters
scattered splattered dots of the sun
warm rum as we stare down the foothills of golden
hardy laughter as we scale these abandoned factory walls
call after call discussing the wereabouts of a cold souls adventure into OZ
I feel at peace with the cause
the world
the frogs that signal spring by their hops in the foot hills of athens county
this is nomad country
my nose is bleeding from the gravity of these real life situations
I speak in hasty repor
I dont even have to tell her I love her anymore
but in the end
wasnt I suppose to die on the road
it seems I slipped into beast mode

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