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Saturday, April 2, 2011

theres powder all over everything
the ground is levitating
ive sprouted horns
thorny rose bushs encase these palms as i stare down movie star wet dreams
the moabe desert would castrate before we saw anything
strong words for a plot boss with no cause
just paid by the hour,ten pyramids to a dollar bill totem pole
scower the city for another powder puff muff diver
ill be sky high by 8am,wandering aronund flea markets in the upper saint clair township of north pittsburgh,pennsylvania
smoking marlbo menthols while I scratch my nostrels because of recent deposits
I think its the vhs tapes,or the n64 games,or the 3 foot bong rips
this lifestyles getting more outrages
Ive been living on tv dinners and skinned knee antics,and placebo cream & artificial sugar cakes
black water souther rituals not for the weak stomachedindividuals
mixed media stencils that are so ritualistic its rude to compare anything to them
for the simple fact that lightning strikes the temple of a hardworking
ruptured spleen in a hospital bed,and Im doin this

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