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Friday, April 1, 2011

Our swingset is a spaceship

lacking words
or young adults who knows how to bend time and space for primitave brain self explorement
a collected unconcience conceicely sabatoageing jurassic hearts to poured chalices
I have been frozen in thine eyesight.
in every sense,my Juliet/Harlequinn
star crossed lover who has no trouble about falling into it.
Its not often you look your lover over centuries in the iris
I have seen this.
at one time we were both cats undeneath a blanket of stars\now we telepathically lay out land mines to blow apart each others wants,though like a double helix
we twist passionatly until we find were at a zenith
of needs for the heart
and if this love is so consequentual then let the world stop
Ive never understood GOD until she and I laughed for hours about...nothing...the somthing...was so far from the mind it found oblivioun in our courage
I woke up drenched in her jacket like it was chrismas morning,she skipped her classes for coffee.
I skipped with her for hot choclate
we shared chairs and told each other what discusted us
which wasnt much but my vices that kept me realitivly sane and sober even after Dark Star tour was over..
closure is somthing ive always been a fool over
Ive never musterd up courage to say good bye to her...even now my eyes well up when I think about the world
how discustingly large it can seem
but in comparisson..theres nothing that can make me feel more light hearted
then a note on a computer screen that simply read:
I love you so much my speech bleeds ink.

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