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Friday, December 17, 2010

gift box

christmas comes early this year,and with little to no television,or mall visits the weight and spectrum of the ordeal change. A hot meal is a beautiful gift,maybe thats all we NEED,or do we always want somthing? In a generous mood ill get the platoon drunk,and a pizza from B.D's...but its not often these days that I have a penny earnerd nor saved.What a waste of time and space. I need a new opening act,or at least somthing that warrants an encore,or clap. I need to feast on the beings I deam so weak,and give back to those who have given everything for me.Sweet summer nights arent what they used to be,their just like the winter where its as cold as it ought to be. We use to buy firecrackers and throw them in kids lawns,now it seems were pawns just as all of the rest were,working desk jobs and being shop clerks. Fourty hours a week I could have spent reading,or teaching, while most of all learning customs and fourtunes of cluture world wide,but I fear their dissapearing and being globalized before our eyes. No body gives a shit,hell I'll admit I love "seinfeld" and eatin' the "Mcrib",but thats because everyone else does,and in the end,its fun to give in. Buy in with yachts and table cloths of fine linen,where if moths dare,there will be devistation given.Burial plot bidding wars over the grave with the most beautiful scenery so the grandkids can understand his wealth,even in death it seems people are arrogant. Its so scary when you realize that after tonight,it could all be whitewashed then repainted onto a prettier canvas...I do think though,in my humble estimation,that the frame holds not a candle to the origonal print.With all this in tow I start to lecture as if my words are the lords,and I am himself,the holiest of holys.

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