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Sunday, December 5, 2010

how the milita formed


dads falling asleep on the couch,
its a cold sunday afternoon in december
soundtracked by a symphony of wind.
Down the hatch,lads.
another gentlemans glass of scotch for the walk threw the winter
home for time spent buzzed with the children
telling 'em stories years past their bedtimes
having them fall asleep to gunshots
wizzing past their heads in twilight

the street light peers between the branches,
shattered glass accent the carpet
as their father sobs in the adjacent room

sleep well...i guess.

mothers off her medicene
telling dad how much she loathes him,
how these bastard sons will be a spitting image of
a maggot feeding on dead skin.

the boys listen and try as hard as they can to dream with their eyes open.

intermission (enters depression from stage left.)

At night
Dead Silent plight for the next day to be alright
clutched tears in watery eyes
hibernation by design.
suicide note tucked in his best sunday vest.
moms covered in blood,
shes screaming inaudible words.

the children seem to lay awake for the remainder of their lives.

new dad. new city
new sailor shorts for summer.
new teachers.
new lovers.
No drama.
No baby mamas,no jobs,
New pops a CEO of international conglamerats
moms got her wine and kolanapin.
weekly visits from ol pop pop
the father of the bastard one
showing the little youth how to work shotguns and chainsaws.
make pipe bombs and maltovs.
preaching only vengence in his reteric.

he passes more weekly life episodes of learning or copeing.

festering deep agonizing reinvesments of prioritys and life.

community college.

full time jobs.

full time girlfriends whos occupations are blowjobs.

Party Scene.

minor dabbling in THC



( lost period of time for a year or 3)

minor dealing.

First Kill.


Organized crime on a massive scale.

decapitations...scalping...grand larsonry...

hell on earth literally.

National Scare.

Articles in Time and Us Weekly.

Tax Laws.

Drug Laws.

Jealous Shadow Government.


sentenced to 200 consecutive lives
the best way to live for eternity,

the boys decided

a poetic way to never have to look at their father in his heartless eyes

no heaven,no jesus

their demons live forever,

laughing in the echo of the rooms of jail cells and the graveyards which hold recess

retelling the story
to generations of boys
doomed to make the same foolish act of never learning

to not hold grudges to the dead and burning

or never sleep threw all of eternity.

never give up on purity.

(epilogue of repreive:shining a light onto our subjects.By famous Novelist _____ ______)

They stand as Ahab did,with feet crossed and words soft,as the MDs place their dad onto the stretcher.They watch them wheel him into the ambulance,elegantly and with grace, until the left wheel breaks and their fathers body slips and shakes onto the pavement.Their mother in the doorway faints,falling onto an officer doing the report on the night. The boys see their fathers face for the last time in their life,as he sits up right,with his neck propped on the ambulances backside,smirking and stairing to the heavens with a bullet between his eyes

Neither shed a tear

neither say a word


They waste their life as an ultimate spite to the god

their father gave his life for.

Thanks be thy lord,all men are holy in the site of the church.

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