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Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Ive been eximplifying my nomadic status as of late.Last night was spent whiskey drunk on my friends dorm room floor amongst scattered postage stamps and drawings.The metor shower took place during the commercial break for hoarders,thats when a semi dead kid was rolled to the hospital in a computer chair,his friends galavanting and laughing the whole way...the girl with the blonde dreadlocks I had set my sight on leading the errie side of our generations lack of feeling or care. This weekend has been nothing but debauchery,as it seems my life has been since two thousand and seven. It started with my mother and I sharing a bottle of jamesons,driving around colorado springs,remicing on highschool memories,though 30 years inbetween.Adderal,Early Times,Good Times and lots of Star Trek polluted my head as though it had all been said or done before...I love colorado,but fuck do I miss home. Its like that line in orange county thats somthing along the lines of "you can never wait to leave,or return."


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  1. Need to go camping, I bet. Make you feel better. Which makes Flava Flav start with Cold Lampin in my head.