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Friday, December 24, 2010

Passport love affair

I swear boys,
these days are getting shorter
sweaters on,
jack daniels gone
and my lovers in the doorway!
shes so beautiful...oh humming bird...
my gorgeous southern belle..
deep hazle eyes detour my attention,
until the air conditener changes vents
Im brought back from her heavinly gaze by the sweet arouma of colorados finest medicinal cannibus.
Im not a paitent,
I just have been known to get around..
getting abandoned where the side walk ends,
lost to jungle cats and gallows lined by the infield wall
balls foul,
games lost
no more world series for my hometown heros..
no more fireworks to egnite love...
so..These american spirits burn slow..
were adults with little to show..
the wind kisses our knuckles and brows as we take shots to the bow
and pulls to the dome.
Love is the little four letter word im notorius for
i guess it just goes to show
no rest for the one who has thunder in his soul
no rest for those with lightning in their words.
no meditation till the days done
and this minutes a century old.

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