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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Id smile but my teeth continue to grind down into a fine powder,
Im wencing as if the sun is close by,undetoured from the clouds
and a gentle hum from the vents above cools down this shivering body,
im vomiting...I wish it was the whiskey...its this sickness that calls for incompacitating heart murmurs and a forgiveness of sorts...this nomad deserves no symbolance of home
nor a normal life,or lover.
I havent felt this way since highschool,
and even then it didnt feel like losing my mind
I had just began picking up the peices from the speeches of abandonment from my parents
and they understood
I shared everything I had and lost it all to friendship
and a dirty cunt with a hole in her chest
where evil dines in white garments and blood stains..
my brain gives way to fear,and heart break and sadness
a few choice words later,and shes at the doorstep...
im so coheraent its maddning.
as I hear her small awkward footsteps,
and his larger heavy footed stomps
I remember I still have the love note I wrote her crumpled in my pocket...
12 hours little many shots afterward
when I thought she was an angel
,and he a brother
but its good to know they banged it out,
especially from all her old lies
masked by a deciving smile
which were only words at some point,
nothing that meant anything
but deception of the ones who love you..
homewrecker.lost whore on the side of the road. this isnt your city,go home!
but it isnt my city either...
so where do I go?

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