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Sunday, December 5, 2010

next chapter

Left over heartbreaking moans
the silence groans as if an angel to the heavens
let my bow and arrow show,im not as ignorant as they hoped
Im what they used to remember
a knowledge that glows,illuminated in the faces fate chose
rowing on the river at the request of lovers
only to have them taken out,one by one,as the stars came up on the horizon
and the jungle began pulsing with hollers and laughter
of wild beasts inclined to snap heads off and drink from necks
it had been a long of dry heaving and speechless greiving
the whole base camp had been eaten,all except me
and I was leaning on calling a helicopter home
a vodoo doctor from the forest emerged with the heads of fourty of my comrads
he spoke:
I took the tounge from one of your tribe member,so communication between us was open
I nodded,thought provoked
we need your leadership,and your skills for the life of my self and my sons
so that we can tame the fields as,you are brothers have done
Im sorry for your loss
he tosses the heads without thought
all my colleagues eyes,fixed on me and bloodshot,
I fell down and screamed until my voice went out.
I followed the shaman into the dark

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