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Sunday, October 21, 2012


relaxing on this bed of air
listening to her heart beat on the other side of heaven
I can only hope when its my time
I will be half as timid.
so arrogant
now that this brains focus has been opened
& like a rotten cadaver,tossed to the cannibals to dismember
I WILL construct a new portrait
a dissertation on the purity of my opus
disenfranchised the night my eyes scattered like a murder of crows
my memory of her is out of focus
splashes of sunlight in fractiles,
with dirty old clothes
as that fire in my heart rose to the rafters
with laughter,I consistently explode out a symphony of cander
let us snuggle & get blunted in the anex
a dream to a manic depressive
with anxiety
& an unwillingness to accept negative manifestations
I digress.
press on,sing on,these are the words in my lungs
neon stop lights signal every bar on the way home
and here I am,
reading cormac mccarthy and pulling whiskey as I conjur up poems
oh and the sun
its long gone
all spun out on the lawn as I speak in hodge podge
old friends lost hope a long time ago.

Is this how the greats lived
is this how my parents envisioned their sons gifts

albatroses tied to his neck,wings locked into place,coasting jet streams for decades
and yet all people see is my feet dangling
streets run gangrene with old concepts,even older prophets
telling you to cop ish,and shop till you drop,
because thats all you is,a ho in the masters garden
& thats for all races
all genders.
splintered factions will do nothing but fraction the movement
a million seperate parts moving as one
that is the planet I'm from
join me on it.
not that scare tactic,
duopoply facade...even if its been done before
lets think,lets art,lets teach
because all 3 concepts
need repeat.

we were each born liars
we were all born free

let me cut out my tounge before I get to preachy...

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