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Sunday, October 7, 2012


slow roads lead to large loans;
insurmountable debt.
long paragraphs you keep close to the chest leads to closet depression.
the main reason my thoughts are always public.
caring nor kindness has a definition of weakness
Ill impale your head upon stakes lining the high way into my metropolis
just to let the transients know their welcome
at a cost...regardless of income.
I'm getting to big for my britches
I feel it in every stitch that pops
pusses & sizzles.
pauses for brittle bones finger painting portraits of burned down homes
airports seiged and used as outposts
this is the world I see upon the horizon
a planet with two suns
a bed with no love,only fucks & lust
a dichotomy to some
normal days to most.
I was born to breathe fire & brimstone,in the ways that my father tried
but his soul died the night he became the apple of his "fathers" eye
then dedicated his life to exactly what he has been fighting against ever since...
this is my opus
a manifesto
the crucifixion of my openness.
I quote and steal every word I spin
pissing on conventional wisdom until I get some recognition
and with that open fourum...and a mic in my hand
Ill let my agorophobic narcacisim reign supreme
inbetween my dashes of social life
blazing trails upon the social scene.
reem after reem of paper I could write until my life was nothing but a flickering blip on the radar screen...which is all its ever been
oh,my little bean
keep me sane
Im filled with anger on a day such as today
ready to put my little heart on display for the world to rape
let the three tears I cry every eight months get the best of me
finally break down and break every bone in my hand
punching the fences down I keep getting tried to be placed in
these pens are not my home
those pins are not your life
heady dready kids with no direction running out of time...thats fine
as long as you dont try to bring down my high
high on life,still brash as fuck rolling blunts until my lungs give up
or the sun super novas
rolling over novices like a bull dozer
I think ive pulled my self sober,
bloody noses is the only thing thats kept me from diplomas
chronometric tho,
I'm watching the birth of a universe unfold
my eyes have eyes
& I'm one with my earth.

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