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Sunday, October 28, 2012

a word to the wax

foliage salutes my ruin
to many listless nights run ruthless
lurid chunks of "posts" & proof reads
blue prints to sooth punks &
retired priests.
beliefs anchored so deep
to even question seems to be
without reason.
seasons wear on and eventually breed treason
lesions lead to coffins
war bleeds each solider of pension
returning hobbled,
or mentally spent
becoming nothing more then a spectacle to be scoffed at
as they simply try to move on
& follow passions.
peeling off their skins & only shitting with the use of aparatus
amputee tongue tied sample of reason/
social status
why I sit on the side line ignited into a blind fit of passion
because my best friends are so brash all they wanna do is bash heads in
& I feel em
except my enemies reside in office buildings
& aren't blindly following prophets from centuries ago
my enemies are garnering wealth & power regardless of outcome
I can smell fear.
this isnt even close to a power struggle
so my intial thought is to get from round here
intentions so clear
love of my peers
so much so,that I'll continue to steer
this flesh & bones
right threw the stratosphere
so we can reach the stars
that brought us here.
and if I fall
before I wake
I pray my brothers & sisters find themselves wide awake
on the other side of pain
instead of wading threw a firey lake.

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